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Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

…one is silver, and the other’s gold. Thinking of adding a new cat to your family?  Great!  Although getting a new pet is a super exciting event for everyone, your current pets may not agree (at first).  Here are some ideas for incorporating a new kitten into your feline-loving family: Introduce your new kitten to […]

Bring Fido!

If you’re planning to take your dog on vacation, there are tons a great resources out there for you! For ideas on where to go and what to do, check out BRING FIDO.  It’s a great site that offers listings of dog-friendly events, restaurants, hotels, and activities.  

Therapy Dogs Change Lives!

The first ever documented therapy dog was a little female yorkie named “Smoky”.  She was found on the battlefield during World War II by Corporal William Wynn.  Smoky helped Corporal Wynn recover from his own illness and later became popular among other sick and injured soldiers.  The commanding officer at the time, Dr. Charles Mayo […]

Paws in Prison?

Check out this news piece, featuring a program that allows Utah inmates to train rescued dogs to live as therapy pets for military veterans. Paws in prison — Utah inmates help to train therapy dogs for veterans “It’s really a three-way win,” Gilbert-Norton said. “The dogs, the veterans and the inmates all end up better […]

Protect Your Pet’s Heart This Month and EVERY Month!

According the American Heartworm Society, approximately one million dogs have heartworms today!  That is a huge number, especially considering how easy it is to protect your pets against heartworm disease.  April is National Heartworm Month in the United States, so there’s no better time to get your furry family members tested and caught up on […]

Keep Your Pets Safe This Easter Weekend!

Easter weekend is upon us, and keeping your pets safe should be a top priority. According to this article, the Pet Poison Helpline receives a nearly 200 percent increase in calls concerning pet poisoning during Easter week. The simplest Easter goodies can be harmful, or even deadly to your cat or dog, so you’ll definitely want […]

Checkers, We Salute You!

“There is one thing that I did get as a gift that I am not giving back…” That was the beginning of a statement made by President Nixon during his infamous “Checkers Speech” on September 23, 1952.  He was referring to his beloved family dog, Checkers, a black and white cocker spaniel that had been […]

In the news: Rabbits are great pets!… but don’t give them as gifts.

“While most agree that rabbits and small children are not a good match, rabbit enthusiasts say these bundles of fur and personality can make great pets if prospective owners do research and commit to them like any family member” Read more at !

Cute Kitty Thinks She’s A Dog!

Tifa pants like a dog, wags her tail like a dog, and even plays fetch!

The Kit ‘n’ Caboodle of Safe Pet Travel

Spring and summer are season of freedom and fun!  Of course, that means plenty of travel for the whole family, including our pets.  As you’re packing for your pooch and planning for visits to sunny destinations, remember to keep his safety and well-being in mind.  We’ve provided some useful guidelines for you here.  Let us […]