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June is Adopt-a-Cat Month!

It makes sense that America’s favorite time of year for cat adoption falls during the month of June.  Each spring, thousands of newborn kittens are surrendered to the care of animal shelters across the country. By the time June rolls around, those newborns are bright, energetic, and ready to go out into the world.  This […]

Bufo Toads are Everywhere This Time of Year, and They Shouldn’t Be Ignored

These toxic toads have special glands that release poison when they feel threatened, which is a very effective defense mechanism; they have been known to kill household pets in minutes. It’s especially troubling for outdoors pets or those who take their meals outside, because the toad is attracted to dog water dishes.  (For bathing and […]

Hot Weather and Pets: A Dangerous Combination

During the summer months, it’s common to hear of pets becoming overheated.  Surely, you’ve seen the warning signs posted in shopping centers and online about the dangers of leaving your beloved pet in a hot car during these warmer times of year.  It’s a common misconception, though, that a hot car is the only potential […]

Pets and Snake Bites

For most people, the very sight of a snake is enough to make their skin crawl.  The thought of being bitten by one is even worse.  Fortunately, most of us will carry on through life without having to go through this excruciating experience, but did you know that it’s a pretty common occurrence for pets? […]

Adopting a Special Needs Pet

The term “special needs” is a pretty broad description, and it may refer to any number of conditions in our companion animals.  Special needs pets are those who require the kind of above-and-beyond attention that only a very patient and compassionate person can give.  Qualifying conditions may include a history of severe injury, chronic illness, […]