Archive | June, 2015

Why Pets are Especially Awesome for Senior Citizens

There’s no denying that pets are a great addition to any home, regardless of the size of the family who lives there. Pets bring something special to our lives that is hard to explain with words, and most pet owners would agree that a life without a furry sidekick is simply lacking. While we agree […]

Socialization: A Critical Part of Your Puppy’s Overall Well-Being

The socialization of pets, particularly puppies, is the process of exposing animals to the variety of stimuli that they will experience throughout their lives, and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior suggests that it should be made a part of every puppy’s standard of care in the first few months of life. Here are […]

A Few Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs (and Their Owners)

If you own any of the water-loving breeds of dogs, it’s safe to assume that keeping your pooch away from the pool during the summer is about as impossible as herding cats.  Of course, there are exceptions to any generalization, but some of the breeds that are notoriously drawn to swimming include Newfoundlands, Portuguese Water […]

Three Great Reasons to Avoid Giving Your Dog Table Scraps

Most pet owners have an opinion about giving dogs table scraps: they either love the idea, or they hate it. For some pet owners, it makes practical sense to give the family pets whatever food is left over after dinner.  It’s better than simply throwing it in the garbage, right?  Well, the answer to that […]