Archive | November, 2015

Making the Choice to Say Goodbye

Under any circumstances, saying goodbye to a pet is an extremely difficult thing to go through. So, it only makes sense that the heartache is amplified considerably if you’re in the situation of deciding whether or not euthanasia would be best. Even when all of the end-of-life “signs” are staring you in the face, it’s […]

No Rest for the Wicked [Pet Owner]

Pets and sleep are a topic of hot debate, it would seem.  The tender-heart pet owners – we absolutely love them – will tell you that pets are people, too.  They’ll ask you how YOU would like to sleep all alone in a kennel on a cold winter’s night. The answer: not very much at […]

The Latest in Celebrity Pet Instagram

As pet lovers, there’s no denying that we simply can’t get enough of social media account dedicated to pets. Whether it’s an adorable pet bunny or a pair of irresistibly cute French bulldogs, it just never seems to get old. So, how could it possibly get any better? Answer: when the pet in question belongs […]

Lifetime Costs of Pet Ownership

This week, on Yahoo Parenting, there was a very entertaining article published, titled Here’s What It Costs to Own All the Pets Your Kid Says They Want.  The article originally appeared on Fatherly (a great site for dads, by the way!), and it was packed with the humor that we’ve come to expect from this blog. The underlying message, however, […]