Archive | February, 2016

An Overview of Cat Bladder Stones

Cats are creatures of habit, and so, when your cat starts to act a bit abnormally there may be cause for some concern. If you have a cat that is usually passive and are starting to see an aggressive side, especially when he/she visits the litter box, it may be bladder stones. Here are a […]

Why Proper Grooming is Essential to Your Pet’s Health

When it comes to our pets, we want to ensure that they live long and happy lives. It is for this reason that we buy the pet beds, the best food available, and actively engage in games and interactive activities with our pets. All of these are crucial to your pet’s overall health. But, did […]

4 Outdoor Activities that You and Your Pet Can Do Together

If you have a pet, then you understand that they sometimes go beyond the “man’s best friend” status and become part of the family. As such, you want to include them in your daily life, but finding activities in which all can participate may be a bit challenging. Here are four outdoor activities that you […]