Did you know?

-by Marissa Kasarov

Most dogs can reach speeds up to 19 miles per hour!  Compare that to humans who can typically run between 5 miles per hour (after a major cupcake binge) and 10 miles per hour (when being chased).

Greyhounds and relative breeds are even speedier, sometimes reaching speeds of up to 42 miles per hour!  Thank goodness they are such a docile group of dogs without any real desire to chase after their cupcake-consuming companions.  They are able to run so quickly due to their incredible build:  a deep chest, slim midsection, and long powerful legs.  It’s the canine equivalent of a runway model, and they really know how to put their assets to good use.

Other stellar features of this very special breed include:

  • Greyhounds can see clearly for up to half a mile!  It’s no wonder they are part of the group of dog breeds called “sight hounds”.  This keen eyesight is necessary for these breeds, since they were bred to hunt with their sight, rather than smell (like most other dog breeds).
  • Greyhounds are a very calm and gentle breed and make outstanding family pets.  It’s a common misconception that they are hyperactive and need constant exercise.  Greyhounds are sprinters, not long distance runners.  Most of the time, they would really prefer to occupy your favorite piece of furniture.
  • Greyhounds are lifesavers!  Many retired greyhounds regularly participate in canine blood donor programs.  The biggest reason that they are such good candidates for blood donation is their friendly and compliant demeanor.  Other than that, the majority of greyhounds are what is referred to as a “universal donor”, meaning that their blood is compatible with almost all potential recipients.  They also tend to have a higher concentration of red blood cells, which could really make a difference for a canine recipient in a life-threatening situation.

(“Volunteer” donor programs are cruelty-free and have criteria that must be met in order for a dog to be considered a willing participant.  Rest assured that donors are spoiled with treats and toys and are provided for both financially and medically.)

There are a ton of resources and rescues out there for families who are interested in adopting a retired racing greyhound.  This breed is definitely worth checking out!


Meet “Burrito”!  He is a young male greyhound who is currently (as of the date of this post) living with a foster while he waits to meet his forever family.

To learn more about adopting a retired racing greyhound, visit www.greyhoundpets.org.

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